Gear for Modern Travellers: 10 of the Best Smart Luggage in 2019.

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The term smart luggage was once used for a suitcase or a bag that looked elegant and stylish, but in the past few years, it stands for something completely different.

Essentially, it is a term that describes luggage with inbuilt technology, such as GPS location tracking, built in luggage scales and device charging facility. Both industry leaders, like Delsey or Samsonite, and startup companies recognised this opportunity and jumped the smart luggage train.

Buying smart luggage is a great investment, in our opinion, and below is a selection of options you might like to consider if you decide to take that step to easier and safer travel.

1. Raden A22

Raden A22 Carry-On


Made with the ultra-strong polycarbonate shell, and yet really cool looking, possible to get in 10 different colours. Lightweight – weighs only 8,4lbs when empty. Built-in proximity sensors, charging capability with 2 USB ports and 7800 mAh battery, and 4 pairs of spinner wheels.

2. Barracuda

barracuda suitcase
This suitcase solves the problem that occurs on many journeys; lack of table on which we can put our laptop on. It has an integrated tray that can be rotated, so it can serve as a coffee table with two cup holders. 10,000mAh  battery recharges your cell phone or tablet up to 5 times. It also comes with 360° rotating ergonomic handle for easier handling and the suitcase is collapsible which means it can easily fit under your sofa.

3. Bluesmart



First of the smart suitcases to make it from crowdfunding to actual delivery. The company raised 2,000,000$ with an Indiegogo campaign back in 2014. You can remotely lock the suitcase from your phone and has a proximity option, so it unlocks when your phone is in range. Built-in GPS can locate missing suitcase, and scale can help you avoid the additional flying costs. It has a 10,000mAh battery with two USB charging ports.

4. Delsey Pluggage

delsey pluggage


A slew of features, including fingerprint ID, inside lighting system and pop-up built-in speaker, besides the classic smart luggage features like check lock or scale. If you enter the right flight number in the app, it shows you flight info and weather forecast. Despite such an awful name, it brings a touch of French design to an abundance of smart functionalities.

5. Rimowa E-INK Case

This German manufacturer helps you say goodbye to long waiting in check-in lines. Travelers will be able to check-in their luggage from anywhere with their innovative RIMOWA Electronic Tag and drop it off at the airport within seconds. A big thumbs-up for this feature to check-in with your smartphone, it takes a lot of time-related pressure from your travel. For the time being, it can be only used with their exclusive partners Lufthansa and Eva Air, but they plan on including more leading global airline partners.

6. Fugu Travel

Using the inflatable paddle boards tech to transform from small to large, this awesome concept will allow you to double the storage space of your luggage. It also features pull-out shelves, a removable case for the laptop, and GPS module. A pump used to inflate the bag can also suck out the air from optional vacuum storage bags, giving you more storage space.

7. Modobag

The luggage that can carry you! It has a nice set of features, such as 2USB ports for charging or GPS for locating the bag itself. But the main feature is that Modobag can double for a scooter, with built-in seat and footrests. It can drive you through the airport complex, with the max speed of 8mph, and can drive for about 6 miles per charge. It also equips brakes, if you get too carried away.

8. Samsonite GeoTrakR



A veteran in the field, the world’s most famous luggage manufacturer Samsonite, developed a device to fight the lost luggage problem in cooperation with LugLoc. It is integrated, but a removable device in the suitcase. It can notify you by SMS to your smartphone if your suitcase is being opened, and locate it flawlessly on any spot in the world. The device shuts off when in flight, and turns back on again when the plane lands. The design is classic Samsonite, with dual spinner wheels and a silver handle. Great choice, now all you need to do is travel.

9. Trakk Armor

trakk armor

An ideal companion of all adventurers, this backpack incorporates the best features of both worlds. It is durable, water and shockproof and has a heat dissipation technology. It also has an app-controlled LED lighting that can help you in some tricky situations and an external USB charger.

10. Away Carry-On

Away suitcases come with a lifetime warranty, which speaks volumes about the quality of this luggage. You can also try it out for a month before committing.  Away is probably the best-for-the-money smart luggage solution, and offers the most variety. It is available in 9 color options, and a great number of accessories are available to customize your luggage to your liking and make it more personal.

It boasts polycarbonate shell Away claims to be unbreakable, which is lightweight too. The design is simple but stylish, available in 5 configurations. The battery is removable and easily ejected.

Our impression is that the Away suitcases are popular for a reason, and maybe the best buy option in this price range.

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