List of US Federal holidays 2020

Us federal holidays list

Every holiday in the US, that is recognized by the US Government, is considered a Federal holiday. Non-essential Federal Government Offices are closed, and all employees are paid for the holiday. Many, but not all, private businesses will also give their employees a day off. Those required to work may receive holiday pay in addition to their regular wages.

You should know, that if the federal holiday falls on Saturday, it is celebrated on the preceding Friday.

DateHolidayDay of the week
January 1New Year's Day 2020Wednesday
January 20Martin Luther King Day 2020Monday
January 24Belly Laugh Day 2020Thursday
February 2Groundhog Day 2020Sunday
February 12Lincoln's Birthday 2020Wednesday
February 14Valentine's Day 2020Friday
February 17Presidents Day and Washington's Birthday 2020Monday
March 5Mardi Gras Carnival 2020Wednesday
March 10Daylight Saving 2020Tuesday
March 17St. Patrick's Day 2020Tuesday
April 1April Fool's Day 2020Wednesday
April 17Good Friday 2020Friday
April 19Easter 2020Sunday
April 20Easter Monday 2020Monday
April 22Earth Day 2020Wednesday
May 5Cinco de Mayo 2020Tuesday
May 10Mother's Day 2020Sunday
May 16Armed Forces Day 2020Saturday
May 25Memorial Day 2020Monday
May 31Pentecost 2020Sunday
June 1Pentecost Monday 2020Monday
June 14Flag Day 2020Sunday
June 21Father's Day 2020Sunday
July 4Independence Day 2020Saturday
July 26Parents' Day 2020Sunday
September 7Labor Day 2020Monday
September 11Patriot Day or September 11th 2020Friday
September 13Grandparents' Day 2020Sunday
September 16Stepfamily Day 2020Wednesday
September 17Citizenship Day 2020Thursday
September 25Native American Day 2020Friday
October 12Columbus Day 2020Monday
October 16Boss's Day 2020Friday
October 17Sweetest Day 2020Saturday
October 25Daylight Saving 2020Sunday
October 31Halloween 2020Saturday
November 11Veterans' Day 2020Wednesday
November 26Thanksgiving 2020Thursday
November 27Black Friday 2020Friday
November 30Cyber Monday 2020Monday
December 7Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day 2020Monday
December 24Christmas Eve 2020Thursday
December 25Christmas Day 2020Friday
December 31New Year's Eve 2020Thursday


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