10 Best Ice Hotels For Your Winter Adventure


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If you´re wondering what is an ice hotel, let me explain shortly. An Ice hotel is a temporary hotel, made with snow and blocks of ice, and usually rebuilt every year.

Ice hotels are perfect winter overnight getaways for adventurous travellers that are comfortable with outdoors and unusual environments. They offer the commodity for everybody, for the temperature in these hotels are below zero Celsius, but much warmer than the outside. Also, you’ll get a super warm sleeping bag, designed for these conditions, and a blanket or an animal fur.

We chose the 10 best ice hotels in the world for you, cold ice palaces that offer a very warm reception. Enjoy!

1. Ice Hotel Jukkasjarvi, Sweden


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They call themselves “The Original Ice Hotel”, cause this is the first ice hotel in the world. Ice Hotel is in the village of Jukkasjarvi in Sweden, 130 miles from the Arctic Circle and reasonably close to the Kiruna airport. The Ice Hotel is now open 365 days per year. It is the largest ice hotel in the world with an area of over 50,000 square feet.

2. Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort, Finland

Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort, Finland

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Rooms of this hotel are actually beautiful igloos. The roof of these igloos is made of glass, so this is the place where you can watch the Northern lights from the warmth of your bed. Bedrooms are really nice and romantic, and some have their own bathroom with a sauna.

3. Hotel de Glace, Canada

Hotel de Glace, Canada

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Hotel de Glace is opened for 17 consecutive years in Quebec, Canada. Each year a hotel is made with a different theme in mind, and for 2017. it is Northern Perspectives. This marvellous building is open from January to March.

4. Snow Village, Kittilä, Finland

Snow Village, Kittilä, Finland

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Some 120 miles above the Polar Circle, in the little town of Kittilä, you will find this winter attraction. Three-star hotel with artistically made rooms lighted with different stunning colours that create an otherworldly atmosphere. Oh, and a great Ice bar.

5. Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel, Norway

Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel, Norway

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The Ice Hotel Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel can be found in Norway, a 20-minute drive from the town of Alta. Each year Igloo Hotel is made entirely from blocks of ice and snow. You sleep among animal skins and if we are to believe the reviews, it is less cold than you think even though the temperature is always between -4 and -7 degrees. From the hotel, you can explore the area with a scooter and if you are lucky, it is a good place to see the Northern lights shine!

6. Kirkenes Snow Hotel, Norway

Kirkenes Snow Hotel, Norway

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The Kirkenes Snow Hotel can be found on the northern tip of Norway, 10 km from Kirkenes. You can take husky tours from the hotel, stay in a wonderful bar, or enjoy reindeer sausage, and hunt for the spectacular Northern Lights.

7. Igloo Hotel, Andorra

Igloo Hotel, Andorra

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Between France and Spain, in Andorra, at the altitude of 2,350 metres, you will find a cool ice hotel. In the middle of the eastern Pyrenees in the town of Grandvalira, Hotel Iglu offers 5 handsomely decorated, igloo style accommodations. Do not miss the calming jacuzzi under the stars.

8. Igloo Village Kühtai, Austria

Igloo Village Kühtai, Austria

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In the village of Kühtai, in Austria’s highest ski resort, is the hotel called Igloo Village. The stark white igloos, 14 of them, are illuminated with LED lights and wait for adventurers and romantics. Igloos are unheated, but you sleep on the mattress, in a thick sleeping bag and covered with soft sheepskin rugs. Food is excellent, and the slopes are at your doorstep.

9. Balea Ice Hotel, Romania

Balea Ice Hotel, Romania

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You’ll find this Ice hotel near Balea Lake in Romania. It is made of ice blocks that come directly from this glacial lake. It also offers igloos near the main building, an ice church and a bar, and it is interesting that you get to the hotel by funicular railway.

10. Kemi Snow Castle, Finland

Kemi Snow Castle, Finland

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It is the biggest snow fort in the world, located in Kemi in Finland, and rebuilt every year in different architectural shape. It offers hotel, restaurant and wedding chapel to its guests. The longest wall of this fort was over 3,000 feet long, and the highest tower ever built was over 70 feet high.

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