25 Awesome Roads You Should Drive In Your Lifetime

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These are the 25 highways that inspire us to hit the road. Each one of these adventurous journeys will replace the stressful grind of everyday commuting with the rich flair of purest driving pleasure.

If you are gonna hit the road, loosen up and hit it with style! Take your time enjoying in these breathtaking landscapes.

1. Chapman’s Peak Drive, South Africa


Chapmans Peak

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Tourists love the view, the car companies love using the scenery for advertising: The Chapman’s Peak Drive winds over 114 curves along the coast south of Cape Town. The road leads over the 160-meter-high viewpoint Chapman’s Peak, which this road was named by.

2. Atlantic Road, Norway



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At the end of a fjord lies the Atlantic Road with its eight bridges over several small islands. The majority of the along-the-road villages GDP lies in lending the part of the road for the filming of the commercials.

3. U.S. Highway 163, Arizona



With a view of the rock formations of Monument Valley, Highway 163 is one of the most scenic roads in the United States.

4. Great Ocean Road, Australia



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The Great Ocean Road winds for 150 miles along the south coast of Australia. With its amazing scenery, it is one of the most popular roads in the country.

5. Col de l’Iseran, France



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The Col de l’Iseran is the highest paved road in the Alps and has served several times as a race track for the Tour de France.

6. Transfagarasan, Romania



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The Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceauşescu had the Transfagarasan built over the Transylvanian Alps in the seventies in order to enable rapid military movements over the high mountains. He also created one of the most scenic roads in Europe.

7. Ruta Nacional 40, Argentina



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3300 mile-long Ruta Nacional 40 is one of the longest long-distance roads in the world. It runs from the south to the north through the entire West of Argentina, bringing the country’s scenic diversity closer together. It crosses the plains of Patagonia, the pastures of the Pampas, the Argentine vineyards and the mountains of the Andes.

8. Hana Highway, Hawaii



The Hana Highway runs along the north coast of Hawaii and through the rainforest of the Ko’olau Forest Reserve. Driving this road you will pass waterfalls with bathing ponds and enjoy generous views of the valleys and coves.

9. Rohtang Pass, India

Rohtang pass

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Located in the Himalayan Mountains, the Rohtang Pass offers spectacular views of glaciers, peaks and rivers.

10. Overseas Highway, Florida



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Over 130 miles, the Overseas Highway connects the 40 islands of the Florida Keys to each other as well as to the mainland. On the photo is the 7-mile long bridge.

 11. Peso da Régua to Pinhão, Portugal



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Runs through the Douro valley and offers undisclosed views of terraced slopes of beautiful villages. Winner of 2015 Best road of the world competition by AVIS.

12. Highway 1, California



Highway 1 runs along the rugged coast of California, revealing a spectacular view of rocks and foam crests of the Pacific Ocean. This road has a mixture of tricky curves as well as an endless view over the sea.

13. Route Napoleon, France



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The road runs along the route taken by Napoleon in 1815 on his march from the island of Elba to Grenoble and winds through the magnificent mountains of the Alps with their amazing scenery.

14. Karamea Highway, NZ



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Driving along the Tasmanian sea, through beautiful rainforests and picturesque small towns it ends up spectacularly at Heaphy Track.

15. San José to Cabo de Gata, Spain



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This road through the rugged, desolated terrain ends in an awesome straight line to Cabo de Gata, touristic paradise in Spain.

16. D81 in Corsica, France



Drive cautiously, for the road is narrow, and the slower driving will help you soak up more of this unique landscape. Red, strangely shaped, rocks of Calanche in contrast of endless sea views. Il est Magnifique!

17. Milford Road, New Zealand



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The Milford Road leads for 80 miles through the alpine New Zealand mountains and ends in the 8 mile-long Milford Sound, the most beautiful fjord in New Zealand. On the route, flowering meadows, numerous lakes and pretty beech forests invite you to relax.

18. Panamericana, Chile



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The longest road in the world measures a total of 22,000 miles and stretches from Alaska to Central America to the Tierra del Fuego in the south of America. About 90 years ago the idea came to connect the two continents with a single road. From non-tarred sections, through modern metropolises and endless landscapes, the Panamericana, whose heart lies in Chile, offers the whole range of an adventurous car trip.

19. Route 66, USA



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The almost 2500-mile-long Route 66, also known as the Mother Road or The Main street of America, passes through eight federal states of the USA and is one of the first roads connecting the East and West since 1926. Particularly loved among motorcyclists, this historic highway is very popular.

20. Trollstigen, Norway



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Trollstigen, or Trolls Ladder, winding serpentine road with a view to 1,050 ft high Stigfossen waterfall, is closed from late autumn to the end of winter. It is also not recommended for driving after dark for its treacherous bends – and trolls, of course.

21. Tiananmen Mountain Road, China



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This 7-mile long mountain road with 99 bends takes visitors to Tiananmen cave and temple at the top of this famous Chinese mountain.

22. Halsema Highway, Philippines



Another one that you should drive carefully, although the renovations managed to improve some sections of the higher part of this highway. It is Philippines national highway, that leads through several cities and villages, and beautiful forests. the highest spot of this highway is at 7, 400 feet.

23. Gotthard Pass, Switzerland



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This road connects Uri and Ticino, northern and southern Switzerland. Driving through this mountain area, you will be amazed by lush nature and also with the craftsmanship of workers who built tunnels and so-called devil-bridges.

24. Sichuan-Tibet Highway, China



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Starts in Chengdu, Sichuan and stops in Lhasa, Tibet. This road, 1,300 miles long, offers views on the untouched nature of a less travelled, yet majestic parts of this planet.

25. Blue Ridge Parkway, USA



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Appalachian highlands in all of its glory. That is what you´ll get travelling this parkway from Virginia to North Carolina. Beautiful colour combinations will calm your mind, and take your thoughts away from everyday routines.

If you think we forgot to mention some of the magnificent roads you have seen or the one that you love strolling on, please mention it in the comments.

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