6 Best Underwater Hotels in the World

This place above is not something out of Arthur Clarke´s book or one of James Bond´s mating places, but a room of an underwater hotel in Dubai. The term “sleeps with the fishes” will never sound hostile again to the guests of these underwater hotels chambers.

Underwater hotels truly offer heart-stopping experiences. Sleeping in crystal-clear bright turquoise waters, surrounded by fish of all colours and sizes is not something you can put a price tag on. Or is it? Well, to be honest, some of these accommodations are quite pricey. On the other hand, this really is something unique, and if you can afford it don’t miss this experience!

1. Utter Inn Hotel, Vasteras, Sweden

Lake Malaren, near Stockholm, is home to this affordable underwater hotel.  Became a very fashionable and cool place to spend a weekend in Sweden. It is not a luxury accommodation, more of a wacky take on a classic ship´s cabin. The beds are ten feet below the surface, and it has panoramic windows on all four walls. Price starts from 250$ a night.

2.  Lovers Deep,  Caribbean

Luxury hotel – submarine, available on several Carribean islands. You can rent this piece of underwater heaven for measly 220000$ a night. You will have a butler, a chef and a captain at your service, and a speedboat transfer included.

3.  Conrad Maldives Rangali Island, Maldives

Conrad Maldives Rangali Island, Maldives
The luxurious Conrad Maldives Rangali Island hotel may not have underwater room, but you can still have your dinner underwater without pulling on a scuba suit. The Ithaa Undersea restaurant is located twenty feet below sea level. Here you can relish a mix of the Maldivian and Western cuisine while feasting your eyes on the wonderful reef and the exciting marine life. Our say: This is the bucket list item!

4. Subsix at Niyama, Maldives

Back to the Maldives, and here, twenty feet below the surface, this wonder awaits for you. Part of the Niyama resort, this underwater playground is a restaurant by day and a party palace by night. From your seat, and over a plate or a drink, you can enjoy shoals of  Groupers, Moorish Idols, Parrotfish, butterflyfish and Moray eels.

5. Atlantis The Palm, Dubai

Atlantis The Palm, Dubai

This one will set you back for some 7,000$ per night. The rooms of this luxurious complex have floor to ceiling windows with a view of the giant aquarium. As the Persian Gulf´s rich marine life drifts by your window, you will realise that this place is a class of its own.

6. The Manta Resort, Pemba Island, Zanzibar

If you ever dreamed of sleeping in the beautiful tropical underwater world, this is a place for you. Swedish engineers built this floating structure, provides two hardwood above-water levels for sunbathing and lounging, and an underwater room with almost 360 degrees viewing. During the night, the underwater light attracts some of the shyer inhabitants of this paradise, like octopussy, squids, and Spanish dancers.


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