8 Easy Tips to Shoot Better Travel Mobile Videos

Tips to Shoot Better Mobile Videos

Take the time to get to know your camera’s settings and presets. Every mobile phone camera comes with certain presets. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel, just use the offered presets. Depending on your phone model they will vary, but use them to improve the lighting settings, video stabilization, video resolution and similar.

phone shooting horizontally

Only shoot vertically if it is intentional, and the video is for services that prefer that orientation, like Snapchat. Vertical videos look good on your smartphone, but not so on the other media players. Computer screens and TV screens are horizontal, and won’t display your video properly. Some online platforms will publish your material with black bars, or blur, on both sides.

Try to get as close as you can to your subject! It will result in better and cleaner material. Avoid using digital zoom, cause mobile phones don’t have telephoto lenses, so the zoom will be used at the expense of the quality of the recording. The video will be blurry and pixelated, and it will be hard to improve it in the post-production.

Audio is an integral part of your video material. Perfect video can be ruined by poor audio. Mobile cameras have low-quality microphones that pick up a lot of unwanted background sounds, like traffic or wind. Try to pick quieter areas, or try to keep your subject close to the mic, without the unwanted noise between you.

6. Stabilization

iphone filming

Smartphones are small and light, so it is hard to keep them steady. So try your best to keep calm. Use your both hands, and keep the phone closer to the body. If you can, use a tripod, a shoulder rig or a handle. Avoid fast, sudden movements. If you’re turning in another direction,  try not to only turn the smartphone, but the whole body.

7. Editing

Edit your video material whenever possible on a laptop or desktop computer. You can work much more precisely, and you’ll see details that are harder to see on your smartphone.

If it has to be fast, you can edit your video directly on the smartphone or tablet with iMovie (iOS) or Kine Master (Android).

8. Get Creative with Apps

There are tons of apps that will improve the quality of your videos, or just make them look vintage or futuristic.

We would recommend iMovie, Video Trim & Cut, Magisto and Splice for iOS users.

For Android users, we would recommend Kine Master, Viva Video, Viddy, Andromedia Video editor and Magisto.

Get creative and play around with some of these apps, and you will be pleasantly surprised with the outcome!

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